Wednesday, August 24, 2011

start-stop-daemon script for Centos 5.!


tar -xvf apps-sys-utils-start-stop-daemon-IR1_9_18-2.tar.gz
cd apps
cd sys-utils/start-stop-daemon-IR1_9_18-2/

cat Makefile
# comment this Two line for centos build.
#include $(AXIS_TOP_DIR)/tools/build/Rules.axis

PROG = start-stop-daemon

all: $(PROG)

install: all
        $(INSTALL) -m 0755 -o root -g root $(PROG) $(prefix)/sbin

        rm -f $(PROG)

-bash-3.2# make
cc     start-stop-daemon.c   -o start-stop-daemon
-bash-3.2# ls
a.out  Makefile  start-stop-daemon  start-stop-daemon.c

* Copy the daemon to bin path:
cp start-stop-daemon /usr/bin/

* How to Use this script Please see.


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