Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mysql Enterprise Monitor Server and Agent Installtion.

MEM Server: us1-linuxcloud.in

Agent: ind-linuxcloud.in

MEM Installtion: us1-linuxcloud.in

cd /opt/mysql/enterprise/agent/etc/instances
mysql mysql1 sd2 sq1 sq2         (You can configure Agents here.)
E.g. cp -a sq2 sq3

then Enter in that Dir.

cd sq3/ >> Edit agent-instance.ini

And Add your agents hostname in that file:

/etc/init.d/mysql-monitor-server restart

/etc/init.d/mysql-monitor-agent restart

Agent Installation: ind-linuxcloud.in
Create User in mysql on agent

mysql > GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'agent'@'localhost' identified by 'agent123';

then :

cd /opt/mysql/enterprise/agent/etc/
vi mysql-monitor-agent.ini

check this config :

# Agent Parameters

agent-mgmt-hostname =     (You need to check this if agent not connecting.)
agent-mgmt-username = agent
agent-mgmt-password = agent
mysqld-instance-dir= etc/instances

agent-item-files = share/mysql-monitor-agent/items/items-mysql-monitor.xml,share/mysql-monitor-agent/items/items-mysql-cluster.xml,share/mysql-monitor-agent/items/custom.xml

agent-uuid = 587a1d86-0a7d-46ed-bbf4-8bc2d423a97b

user = root

/etc/init.d/mysql-monitor-agent restart