Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Server Monitoring with ServerSTAT server.STATS (Clook Internet Ltd)

This is Popular and real time monitoring tool. mostly it used for webhosting server. It is alarming system too.
Server.STATS is develop by
and its very useful tool where you can add multiple servers and monitoring custom ports and server load.
Please check with this image. I have configure monitoring for some major services. e.g. Httpd-MySql-Ftp etc. you can add any ports and whatever you wants no limit. So when its stoped or some services down it showing you red signal immediately with  sound alarm/alerts.
      Also it gives you Server Load if its cross load 5.00 its become red and sound alarm. So no need to always check the page refresh, it send you sound alarm, if you attached spekers to your system.
    Its free tool, which is in php code, if someone need  i can provide you, help you for configuration.

Yo Guys,  lets monitor your server with serverstat. :)