Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Application Deployment on ISeries/IBM i /OS 400

Application Deployment on IBM Power Series i.e.  ISeries/IBM i /OS 400

We all knows Deployment on *Nix base System/Platforms most of all flavors but do you know how to deployment on IBM Power Series ?

Here I have tried and done successful deployment with tools like: Jenkins and Capistrano.

Jenkins :
1. Object base Deployment i.e. File/Folder etc.
2. With Publish Over SSH plugin

It is pushing code from source to destination directory and after that you can add shell script for post and pre build.
You can configure SSH option with Password either SSH key.

Capistrano :
1. Using Source Control Repository ( Version Control i.e. SVN/GIT/CVS)
2. Using Pre and Post build script using custom Cap recipes.

In this case Cap is clone or exporting code from version control system. Capistrano is purely interactive ruby script.

So if anyone interested for more details please let me know. :)