Friday, January 18, 2013

One Click Centralized Application Deployment With Webistrano.

One Click Centralized Application Deployment With Webistrano.

We mostly heard the name Hudson, Jenkin, Bamboo, etc. when we talk about application deployment. 

And above all mostly use for Java (For Continuous Integration). 
So what for Ruby on Rails, PHP, Wordpress, Magento, etc. yes we have best option and that is Webistrano. 
Its Open source and stable tool and if you utilize it properly for Application deployment you can have peace of mind and good sleep :) which is rare in this days. 
The back-end of Webistrano is most famous Capistrano. So yes its bug-less and rocking.

- User friendly and simple to use.

- Remote Multi-host deployment.
- One click and Centralize. 
- We can create Custom Recipes. 
- Much secure. 
- Deploy option with SVN and Git. 
- User Management. 
- Access Management. Limited Access for Developers who deploying application.
- Rollback option available. 
- you can deploy unlimited project in it. Same for Recipes, Host, Users.
- Its keeps history that no one can delete any more. 
- Interactive Deployment. So you can see and check the log what happening. 
- You can manage Min-Max Releases. 
- Failed build will never deploy on any server it just keep in history.
- Developers do not need to login to server any more. You can add task(recipes) for 
   checking logs Application and Apache etc. 
- Ready made default task available for Ruby on Rails.


- Project Wise Access. 
- Stage wise access available.  If you have Stage Environment Prod, Stage and Dev. You can 
  give access by stage wise. 
  Like:  For System admin – Prod.
            For Developers - Stage and Dev. 
- Read only Access also available for user.

Custom Recipes:
- You can add the Trigger After and Before deploy.

- It create the revision of recipes. So if we need older recipes we can have that any time in our
- If you have same environment for Staging, Production, Development you can use only one 
   recipe for all, No need to create individual recipes for each Stage. 

Manage Maintenance Page:
- By default there is recipes/task web-enable and web-disable 
   which is same Capistrano.
- You need to just made necessary entries is Apache Virtual Config and just run the task. 
- So you can add the web enable and web disable task in After and Before Trigger.
   So that it will run After and Before deployment.

Tips: If you using Capistrano you should try Webistrano and feel the Fun choose more